loops for hair

How Do I Braid Hair With a Loop?

The easiest way is to start by gathering hair into a pony tail, then securing it with the loop using a lark's head. Then either continue in a three strand braid where one strand is the loop, or do a regular three strand braid where two of the hair sections have a strand of loop mixed in. Secure the ends using the end of the loop in a half knot - or it's also an option to secure using the same motions you would with an elastic tie, if you have a workable amount of loop left. If you want to get fancier, try a four stand braid with a loop, or play around and see what you can come up with, there are so many possibilities!

What Length Loop Should I Use for Braids?

The answer is, it depends! If you have hair up to waist length, and just want to do a simple three strand braid starting at the nape of the neck, a "standard" size loop (or 65" circumference) is a good bet. If you have significantly longer hair, or want to experiment with using a loop in crown braids, a "long" or even an "extra" might be the right choice. 

There isn't really one right way to braid with loops, and experimentation is part of the fun - for example, I regularly used a "mini" length when my hair was past my waist to do a partial braid with the ends left free. And if a loop is "too long," excess length can be used up with a figure eight braid to show off the end of the loop. 

A good way to be sure of what size will work for you is to measure a length of any old string in your suspected size, tie the ends together in an overhand knot, and experiment! If it seems too long or too short, try again with a new test piece until it feels right. You can then filter available loops by size by clicking the links at the top of this page

Or contact me (Ali) for a custom loop if you have something specific in mind regarding length and color palette at ali@catscradle.design